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David Ripp's History


David Ripp, President of Skates US, literally grew up at his grandfather's (Charles Snyder) skate shop in Dayton, Ohio. “When grandpa's skates became the rage after my mother (Shirley) did so well on them, he left his job as a tool maker at Frigidaire to make "SNYDER" skates full time”.


 The Double Action Super Deluxe Model was designed and patented for Shirley. However, when David was a competitive skater, he was also skating ICE Shows, Tests, and Competition at the Hobart Arena in Troy Ohio, and wanted a roller skate that responded as quickly as the ice blade.  His Grandfather worked with him to develop the Imperial Model skate. David went on to win 13, first, second and third placements at the North American Championships.

David became Vice-President of the Snyder Skate Company in the early 80’s.  He invented and patented the click-action adjustment feature that is still used on many skates today.  It allows for easy and precise changes to the action of the skates.  He travels today for Skates US to competitions and events to promote the skates and boots that “deliver the best possible response for serious skaters”.  A quote from the Roller skater’s Gazette Newsletter this past March from Chester Fried says it best, “Many skaters had questions about equipment, and David is, in my opinion, is the #1 expert in knowledge about skates, skating and equipment.  He is the “Skate Doctor!”  

Today, he still coaches when he can and definitely skates regular and dance sessions!  

David Ripp History Videos on YouTube


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David Ripp also provides ICE and Roller Skaters with the BEST Skates in the World through Skates US, Inc. at

Coming in the Future will be a Tribute to Charles W. Snyder, Founder, Designer and Inventor of the Snyder Skate Company, with many Roller Skate innovations and Patents to his credits.  He captured 24 hours of edited 16mm Films from 1939 to 1970 of most of the US National (USARSA & RSROA) Championships along with several ICE Skating events.  These films have been professionally transferred to video and have been placed in the Roller Skating Museum, in Lincoln, NE.  We plan to bring these Historical Films of many of the Great Skaters of those years to the web for all to enjoy.